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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 30, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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ed renzi will be on. why he thinks this is dangerous precedent. see how this market closes up this afternoon. up 187 points. the three-day rally continues. as we hand it over to trish regan. trish: like "brexit" never happened, right, connell? up 200. we'll see if it lasts. head of the cia says attack in turkey could happen here in the united states of america. he is warning that isis likely planning similar attacks in our country as we speak. this as a new "fox news poll" shows donald trump nipping at hillary clinton's heels. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. we have a whole lot going on. up 188. turkish police rounding up 13 suspects to the terror attack. we identified three suicide bombers that massacred 44 people and injured 230 others. they're russian speakers with ties to chechnya.
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what is the russian connection to isis? how vulnerable are we to. markets up 189, with lots of green on the screen. he erasing losses we saw. all the doomsday prediction after "brexit." british eu exit plain old wrong. famed economist john taylor is here, what you can expect with our markets in the coming weeks. "fox news poll" shows hillary clinton should start getting worried. donald trump trails her but not by much here. new scandal is swirling around her and her husband. we're now learning that bill clinton had a secret, 30 minute meeting with attorney general loretta lynch aboard a private plane this week. lynch said only spoke about the families. given her department will decide whether to charge hillary clinton over her email scandal, many are wondering if the fix is in? more on all of this coming up.
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but first, i want to get back to turkey, the death toll, suicide bombing in turkey continues to rise, now 44 people have been confirmed dead, including one american who has been confirmed to be among the 238 who were wounded. all this as officials say the attackers were russian speaking. one of them from russia. two others from former soviet states. those authorities raided several locations. you're looking at video across the city. detaining 13 people. i want to go to fox news's john huddy, live outside of the airport joins us with more. john? reporter: well, trish, as we're getting new details about those attackers we're also seeing new graphic and certainly haunting images of those attackers as they unleashed the furry and horror here tuesday night. now, turkish officials say, that the attackers were from russia
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and former soviet republics of uzbekistan and kurdistan. aside from that, we don't have anymore specific details about them, their names, ages, whether they lived here in turkey, istanbul, whether they traveled together or came from another separately from country or countries. that said, trish, turkish police carried out a number of raids in istanbul, rounds up 13 suspects believed to be linked to tuesday night's attack. they recovered other firearms and other weapons. turkish officials documentation linked to isis. no group claimed responsibility. turkish leaders, country's prime minister maintained this has hallmarks carried out by isis. that said, funerals were held for victims today, many of the victims. 44 people now confirmed dead. that number has gone up. more than 230 wounded.
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back here on the ground, outside international arrivals terminal, another entrance has been reopened. certainly a sign trying to get back to sense of normalcy, as normal after tuesday night's bloodbath. trish. trish: really horrible stuff. john huddy, thank you so much. director of the cia warning a similar attack to the one we saw in turkey, could happen on u.s. soil. watch them here. >> we can not rest at all. we have to increase our efforts. if anybody here believes that you know, the u.s. homeland is hermetically sealed and that the, daesh or isil would not consider that i think i would, you know guard against that. trish: joining me right now, fox news strategic analyst, lieutenant colonel ralph peters, author of the new book, the damned of petersburg. colonel peters, good to have you here on set. unfortunately under pretty tragic circumstances.
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seems to be having a lot. cia director said this could happen here? really? are we more vulnerable than ever now? >> we're certainly vulnerable. our law enforcement agencies top to bottom have done remarkably good job because terrorists want to hit us so bad i also, passionately so, we're the great we're the grand prize. but, we've deterred many, stopped many plots. ultimately statistically something will happen in orlando and san bernanadino and boston. because they are, have a level of commitment we still don't have. they are willing to, in some cases even eager to die for what they believe in. we're still stuck in half-measures. trish: what do you mean? they have more of a commitment than us. what do you mean by that? >> what i mean by that we're certainly not using all elements of national power. we're not doing everything we could militarily.
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when they want to do something, they do it. attacking istanbul. before we strike a known terrorist target we consult lawyers. we worry about collateral damage. we worry about world opinion. we tangle ourselves up into confablation of international law and laws of land warfare. they just attack. unless you're willing to really go to war and take the heat, accept that, there will always be a mess on battlefield. there will always be collateral damage. unless you accept that, you keep at best treading water. i stress to everyone, collateral damage is tragic. minimize it. but it is going to happen. greatest immorality, trish, is not collateral damage, but for the united states to lose. trish: colonel peters you see lack of commitment to have. if you change, suddenly have administration gets in there, prioritizing fighting isis and
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you go after these targets, in a very deliberate, swift way, will it really change? or do you just create more -- this is what the administration is worried about, more havoc in the world and more hatred of the united states? >> i think administration is woefully misguided, no sense of history. trish we have two thousand years of documented history of fanatical religious insurgencies around the world, not just in islam. in 2000 years there is not one example of one being appeased or stopped by compromise or pacified. you kill them. 2,000 years. all we've ever been able to do to stop it has been to kill them. trish: he rad kate it. >> he rad kate them. go to them. take the fight to them. trish: we're stronger than them. we should be able to do that. >> we're stronger in terms of military power and wealth but not in strength of will and in their own bizarre way, strength
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of character. i'm not talk about the police and military that individual but leadership, leadership is everything. unless you have a commander-in-chief and subordinates are willing to take the heat, willing to back up the troops instead of court-martialing them every time something goes wrong we'll continue to tread water and terrorists will -- trish: i have two questions before you go. h asrter saying transgenders can serve in the military your thoughts? >> personally i'm pretty tolerant guy. i'm left of center on social issues. this is disgraced example of hurried social engineering that takes no account of the general morale and team building and so, again personally not a problem for me but i know a lot of what we call the line doggies, the troops, if you're out there with infantry platoon for weeks at a time. there are issues with social integration.
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even as we've integrated women into many jobs into the military, marine and army infantry platoons have remained a male domain. this is not macho thing. not about bigotry. that is the most effective way to kill our enemies. trish: also you got a new book out. >> i do. trish: tell me about it. >> very quickly, another civil war novel, but really -- trish: novel we should point out by colonel peters. >> really it is more of a dramaization of history. very accurate historically. i do these books. they won a number of prizes because americans don't know the history anymore. we don't know what it cost this freedom. this book, "the damned of petersburg." a crater that turned into a multisided racial massacre. it is very much for the business audience. it is very much about leadership. i'm not a 10 steps to great leadership guy. i like human examples.
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faces of war, examples of generals or ceos if you will who have done good work, they're tired, they're exhausted, they're sick and won't relinquish control, struggle between innovators and traditionlists as we do today, we have personal rivalries as we do in the business world. exciting read and good for history. i like to think it is gooded about leadership. trish: looking forward to it. good to have you here in the house. we watched markets move higher. markets up 206 points. many hoping that the damage from the uk's decision to leave the eu will be contained. but that is dependent on having smooth enough transition of government. ashley webster is in london whether or not that is going to happen. ashley. >> boy, oh, boy, trish, the word smooth does not apply what is going on here in the last week. one week since the exit vote, biggest drama of all, what is going on building behind me.
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houses of commons and parliament and leadership of both major political parties here in the u.k. start with boris johnson, expected to launch his campaign to replace david cameron this morning. came out. gave the speech. some news agency said he is the in race. by the time he finished the race he was out of the race. absolutely shocking. there were supporters of his crying in that room where he gave the announcement. they had no idea. so where does that leave us? well the favorite now, on conservative side is theresa may. she is seen as measured and steady leader. worked for the bank of england. she is now the bookies favorite. do we believe the bookies? do we believe the polls after what happened with the "brexit" vote? i don't know. if she wins, she will be the first woman in 10 downing street since margaret thatcher. drama indeed. we have on other side, jeremy corbyn of labour party, everyone is asking him to step down, his wife, his mother. he is not doing it. he is hanging tough at least for
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now. so much intrigue. we know boris johnson is free. i'm thinking he would make a great running partner for donald trump because -- trish: the hair alone, right? thanks so much, ashley. reporter: yeah. trish: thanks. third straight day in a row of these gains after being crushed on friday and monday after great britain's decision to leave the eu. here we are very close to making up losses from uk selloff. we're all overreacting perhaps? or any of those doomsday predictions going to come true? let me go to the next guest, world-renown, senior fellow at hoover institutions john taylor. what do you think? the markets seem to be taking it in stride now. what is the real danger of a quote, unquote "brexit"? >> i think there are digesting some pretty good news about this whole thing. people are getting sensible but how to implement the new agreement. even though those who are against "brexit" say it is
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important to negotiate something good. they're emphasizing, a lot of talk about free trade, reducing regulations, even tax reform that could be more possible with this separation. so i think markets slowly digesting that. quite a turnaround. i agree. trish: you think this is positive around healthy for the uk and its economy? >> it will be, if people, if people seize the opportunity. you know, there is a real difference between the economic measures of freedom in britain versus the european union. it is better in terms of economic freedom. in the way the european union held that back. so, i think this separation will enable the british to improve their economy. and in many of these dimensions they have been held back to some extent by the eu. so while it is lots of reason to be concerned transition how it plays out, political uncertainty
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you heard about. all the people seize the opportunity. >> let me ask you, john, a lot of people making comparisons between what just happened in the uk and of course what is happening here in the united states in that people are getting fed up with all the government bureaucracy and want to effectively take their country back. do you see similarities? >> yeah. there is some sim later, no question about it. the notion that brussels was having authority over the british, the notion that washington is having too much authority over the united states on issues. i think it is promising. one thing though, i think quite a difference though, what we're seeing in the british moves is not a movement away from free trade or markets, in anything gets moving towards that. some of the things you're hearing about in the u.s. moving away from free trade. trish: let me ask you, quickly, running out of time, you're a big deal economist. you have a economic rule named after you i should point out to everyone. >> yeah.
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trish: what do you think of this globalization pushback that you're seeing now which defies sort of common sense in economics but yet has really cost american workers? your thoughts? >> well, there is real question, i think u.s. has benefited from its openness, from its trade. yes there are setbacks and like any new technology is going to be setbacks but let's not forget how positive trade has been. we can look at negatives. but positives are good. globalization is much more complicated. has to do with immigration and borders, but it is a positive. trish: john taylor, good to see you. >> thank you. trish: donald trump, everyone, turning debate about trade really on its head, defying traditional republican policy positions by blasting trade agreements, things like nafta, which was overwhelmingly supported by republicans. and now you got president obama praising nafta which was denounced by democrats, even though bill clinton jammed it through.
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kind of like analyst in wonderland political universe. he served under are ronald reagan. he is here. will tell us what it means for this year's election. ♪
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trish: donald trump will be speaking on trade in new hampshire. meantime president obama trying to reassure everyone that nafta counterparts, potential donald trump presidency wouldn't cause trade mayhem. this after trump said he would throw out the current international trade agreements. overwhelmingly supported by republican party. barack obama is supporting all of those bills, nafta. he wants of course and trans-pacific trade partnership dole. trump meanwhile is taking what
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you could say is a traditionally democratic union stance on trade. what is going on here, right? joining me the former chief of staff under president reagan. good to see you, al. you know, i was just telling you during the commercial break, i will fill the viewer in, we were speaking with bill gross, bill made the point, legendary bond trader, globalization helps those with capital, helps those with money invested in stocks or run companies but it doesn't help the rest of the country and he really questions the direction of it because if you don't have a thriving middle class, you ain't got much. >> that's right. we're all questioning it. the bottom line, if you don't have a job, cheap goods that come from free trade, which is code for globalization, can't do any good. you can't buy the goods. that is what is happening in this country. trish: if you go to the economic textbooks, i was talking to john taylor, famed economists out of
2:21 pm
stanford, conservative economic thought, grow your economy through trade, through globalization, this will lift the tide for all boats but it hasn't turned out that way, al. >> in theory he is right but in reality what happens his, very few, small handful of people make the decisions and they tend to put their personal agendas in the middle of that construct. what happens, big deals get cut for very few people as bill gross said who have all the capital and all the power. everybody else suffers. the buy who worked at steel mill in pittsburgh got closed because chinese were able to bring in cheap steel, the concept of free trade doesn't do him any good. he is either out of the workforce or working at mcdonald's. trish: does trump rewrite that? >> he has all the right ideas, change agent and right place at right time, he hasn't communicated. he is putting out a negotiating position.
2:22 pm
if i'm president i will throw out the trade deals. truth the matter he will go back and say it is all about jobs. if trade hurts jobs, i'm on the side of jobs, we don't dot trade. trish: it is really, flying in the face of so many republican, right? so many republicans pushed as i just said, they were the ones that pushed for nafta along with bill clinton. is it, is people switched sides this time around? >> in a way i'm proud to say i'm a reagan republican, right? we think we're a little different, maybe a little better sometimes. we let it go to our heads. i think that, yes, everybody is rethinking this proposition. i am too. i was a free trader. jack kemp, discipline of the jack kemp school of economics. we're all looking at it. what is causing us to look at it? the jobs data. wages have not gone up and the participation in the labor force is shrinking. trish: we can't, i think about what is next for additional generations, for my kids, for
2:23 pm
their kids, if we can't grow the entire economy? it's a challenging spot to be in and it is time to rethink a lot of it. al, thank you so much. good to have your perspective. president obama blasting donald trump saying trump isn't a populist, he is, the president, because the president says he is one who cares for the poor and the little guy. up next my intel how donald trump getting unthe president's skin in a really big way and why it is actually going to only help trump
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trish: donald trump seems to be getting under the skin of president obama. with a news conference with the canadian prime minister and mexican president, president obama called out donald trump saying he is not a real populist. real interesting, people used to think of populist as negative term. president saying donald trump is not a populist.
2:27 pm
he is a demagogue and xenophobe. >> they don't suddenly become a populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes. that is not the measure of populism. that is nativism. or xenophobia, or worse. trish: point out this was very long, meandering speech. at the end of that news conference where he wanted to say a few words. he went on to say that, look, you know, i'm the real populist because i'm the one who cares about the poor and regular americans but i got to tell you a lot of regular americans are wondering does he really? especially when he is up there talking about free trade, a thing which, as we were just saying, traditionally has represented opportunity. however now we're in a situation where it is very clear to a lot of economists and to a lost regular, everyday folks that it hasn't worked out. you think about nafta, for example.
2:28 pm
700,000 american jobs were lost as a result of nafta, something that bill clinton put through. you think about wages here in this country. you know that wages for americans, they have not budged adjusted for inflation in 20 years? so we're now in a spot we need to think about how do we grow ourselves? how do we protect ourselves? how do we have free trade. it really isn't free trade if china is slapping on tariffs on every good of ours that goes into their country while we somehow get penalized the other way? it's got to be rethought. and it is worth rethinking. i think this is something that will continue to resonate with many voters right now. we'll take a quick break. i will be right back with more intel after this.
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>> talking about some bad optics. the democratic nominee. meeting with attorney general loretta lynch at the phoenix airport. privately for 30 minutes. running the justice department. the fbi. investigating hillary clinton over her e-mail server. soon deciding whether to prosecute her. the meeting was unplanned.
2:34 pm
nothing unseemly happened. we talked about family. that kind of thing. >> as i was landing, he was heading out. he did come over and say hello. talk about his brand children and travels and things like that. no discretions discussions were held of any cases or anything like that. trish: the reality is, it just does not look good. joining me right now is democratic strategist. good to see you guys. starting with you. does not look good. something that sort of follows the clintons around. does not look very good. >> when something smells beyond ranjit, come on, man, you have to be kidding me. just to talk about the monday purposes of grandkids in golf
2:35 pm
unless there is something more. this does not pass the smell test. it does not look good for an optics. governing lawyers. 1.7. this should trigger a hearing to determine whether or not loretta lynch is a neutral arbitrator in the e-mail. >> how will they answer these questions and these points just brought up. >> the same that they have said and what loretta lynch said. it happened. we did not talk about anything related to work and that is the end of it. people will continue to distrust her and we will continue to move on to this election and that way. i do not think that anything that serious happened here, but it looks bad you'd we also know that bill clinton approach loretta lynch and it was not the other way around. we also know that he got on ted cruz's plane as well.
2:36 pm
>> at is not the point, jessica. the responsibility is on loretta lynch. >> please get off my claim. >> they also do not run in the same social circles. they do not even really know each other. >> you have no knowledge of all the law enforcement officials on the plane. >> i think making the point that people's suspicions are certainly there. recognize that, jessica. it was a stupid move for both of them. let's face it veered the clintons have made a lot of stupid moves. the e-mail server for example. you mentioned trust. we have the latest fox news poll that shows that she continues to suffer in this area. how do you get elected president when no one trusts you.
2:37 pm
>> because donald trump has allowed this election to be a referendum on him. he needs to turn it around and make it a referendum on hillary clinton and the rest of the economy. i do not know how much lower those numbers can go. trish: this situation, jessica, i do not think it looks good no matter how you slice it veered one would there in the hope not. i think we all have this sick feeling in our stomachs. bill clinton was perhaps pressuring loretta lynch not to move forward with some kind of indictment. >> i do not feel that way at all. president obama is out there campaigning so passionately for hillary clinton shows that there will not be an indictment coming. i do not think that an indictment is happening.
2:38 pm
>> maybe it is not happening because there's so much pressure on the administration. >> if you want to compromise her integrity he, that is fine. that is not what i am doing. >> it does not matter. i am telling you right now under the model rules, governing lawyers which applies to loretta lynch, the beer optics of this should trigger a hearing. barack obama has chosen her to be his successor. that is it. you are absolutely right. trish: the problem is, perception often becomes reality. loretta lynch, you need to be far more vigilant. anyway. thank you so much. do not go anywhere. we have a market that is continuing to move higher. the selloff we saw after britain voted to get out of the eu. markets continuing to shrug it off. we have had a couple of rough
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>> we have some green on your screen. let's check out these markets, everyone. the dow trading up 91. the nasdaq composite 46. shares of her her she's, soaring. trading resumed just a few moments ago.
2:41 pm
going up more than 14%. the company got word that oreo maker wants to take it over. i it up. shortly after, you know what, no way. they rejected the deal. maybe they welcome back with a higher price. maybe somebody else will gobble them up. okay, everyone. we will take a quick break. then we are back with more intel after this. ♪ ♪
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plus 36 month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. trish: okay. here we are on the last trading day of the month. all green on the screen. the market sitting near highs of the screen. the s&p and nasdaq are on track to in the month down. heading into this long holiday weekend. what can investors expect? joining us from the floor of the new york stock exchange, keith. a lot of worry out there. looking like we are pretty much almost back to the place we were before the hope -- ever happened. >> i wrote yesterday. a piece for publications in
2:44 pm
chicago. if you had fallen asleep on thursday and it went all the way to wednesday of this week, you'd never would have even known that it happened. it is as if the vote never even took place. how people get worried about these events. they listen to the hype. they listen to the bluster. an important lesson that we got from this today. take a step back and find out exactly what is happening. >> the celebrities out there. even obama saying that you need to stay in the eu. there is so much vested interest. the uk was a big part of that. maybe, just maybe, the uk will be better off. it will be more competitive. it will be able to govern itself. >> taking back their sovereignty. a lot of people do not realize.
2:45 pm
for years and years and years. they have been unhappy. particularly since 1992. they will keep it circling. i think from the market perspective, you should really take a step back and not get in from the hype. barely growing. wages have been lousier. talking about that earlier. you have a jobs report that was just miserable last month. this may have been people's opportunity or excuse to take a little money off of the table. justifying levels that we are seeing right now based on our slow anemic growth situation.
2:46 pm
>> look at the u.s. equity market. other asset markets around the globe. the u.s. equity market is the best house in a bad neighborhood at this point in time. that is where you are seeing the money come in. forget about the global spur. the banks, all u.s. banks passing the stress test. massive buyback programs of their own stocks. you are still seeing a lot of that happened. that will have an inflating nature to the market. >> talking about the inflating nature. janet yellen. was she stay past her while? >> i do not think we actually see an increase rate. most traders are betting that way. more importantly, some vets being put on the table for the meeting in september. taking it down to one quarter of
2:47 pm
a percent. it actually could have been. >> hopefully good news. hopefully it will not be one of those rocky summers. keith, good to see you. donald trump giving a big speech on trade 80 minute now. my own state in new hampshire. you can see people gathering outside veered challenging. they have kind of been all over the place. the latest fox news poll has him six points behind hillary clinton. could this message is now delivering over and over again on trade really give him the boost that he needs? we are talking about it with our political all-star team next. ♪ ♪
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2:51 pm
donald trump's speech. he will be talking trade. once a thriving spot for manufacturing years and years ago. the shoe industry was huge bear. eventually, those jobs went overseas. a story where a lot of folks gathering they are very well. other countries are able to undercut us in terms of competition. you can anticipate that he will be hitting hillary clinton very hard. the obama administration very hard. fixing our deals to help fix americans. it comes at a time when trump is in unfamiliar territory. he has some challenging poll numbers. this latest fox news poll shows losing. however, however, it is still pretty close.
2:52 pm
if i were hillary clinton, i would be pretty nervous right now. trade. the economy. safety. these are the issues that he could potentially win on. >> it will be primarily because of his working-class message on trade. getting to 227 electoral college. this is exactly what is hitting at home. if the car pools just does not work for them. they want to change course. >> it is fascinating to me. about how it has become an alice in wonderland type scenario. you would think that it would be the democrats. we have to fight for the little class. we cannot allow these jobs to go overseas. >> she does say that. >> she is the one pushing the transatlantic trade deal.
2:53 pm
she is the one. >> i don't know if people can hear me. this is remarkable to hear the republican party turning on free trade. i have had people lecturing me over and over again. >> why is she not embracing that? why is she letting donald trump get it? >> she has embraced it. she will not say that she completely will not take it up. >> crony capitalism accusations. >> that is exactly right. this is a dishonest flip-flop. a gold standard of trade deals. that is exactly right. this is a winning issue for donald trump. now she is playing catch-up because she is worried about bernie sanders voters. if very well could be his supporters that decide this
2:54 pm
election. >> go ahead. bernie sanders support her argument. they will back trump. a% over the poll over the weekend. it will end up where it always does. 10%. packers going to the nominees on the other side did bernie sanders supporters have an incredible high. 90% negative view of donald trump. you can talk about the free trade issue. only voting on free trade policy. >> jessica. you and i both know that they do not have to vote for donald trump. they think that hillary clinton is a con artist that will not change the status quo. bernie sanders supporters are independent. the democratic party runs away with its identity politics. forgetting about the white american working-class.
2:55 pm
>> explain to me why these are rising. >> you want to know why donald trumps favorables are rising? donald trump happens to be his own worst enemy. 89% of people see him as a hothead did that is precisely the problem. allowing hillary clinton to make this a referendum on him instead of on her. >> in your view, for him to get out there, in front of these issues which do matter so much to americans, i keep bringing this up. legendary bond investor. multi, multi billionaire on the show just the other day. this whole globalization issue has really caused him to think. people with money, people with capital, they benefit from globalization. the middle class does not. we really need to think hard about it.
2:56 pm
we cannot continue to thrive. the people that are benefiting right now, they will not benefit in the future if we do not have a strong little class. rethink some of these trade policies. donald trump is onto something. >> rethinking and doing away with our very different issues. the democrats are the ones that talk with the middle class all the time. we can playback speeches. >> i think that that is the bottom line here. people do not have jobs. not big ones anyway. i have five seconds. i am sorry. i have to leave it there. as always, we will be right back. ♪
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>> we are going to wait on donald trump. he is going to be speaking any minute in manchester, new hampshire, crowds beginning together. manchester is a community that has seen the challenges
3:00 pm
presented by trades firsthand. i think about my great-grandparents in manchester, new hampshire, those jobs went south and went overseas. liz claman, over to you. liz: it will happen in this hour. we were about to say speaking of this half hour, farewell to the first half and under the circumstances it has been a forceful turnaround as market rally on the last day of the second quarter. merger thursday action didn't hurt but breaking news, this massive takeover suddenly turned from sweet to sour. it is off if you ask the hershey people, no matter, the tao is putting that in the british exit slide in the rearview mirror now on track for fifth straight monthly gain, the tao jumping 260 points. as the market straightened themselves out donald trump is trying to do the same.


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